Matte Black Motherboard Setup... Absolutely gorgeous!

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Shared May 1, 2021

The new N7 B550 Motherboard from NZXT had some big issues to overcome with the previous N7 B390 boards and their less than stellar features and quality. So let's see how it did! Check out the N7 B550 at

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Jinx Cole

I like how we went from "Never let magnets get to close to your computer." To "Ill just stick magnets directly on the motherboard for aesthetic reasons."

1 month ago | [YT] | 556

The Viking Woodsmith

Sounds like just the right thing for a Mass Effect Legendary N7 Build? :D

1 month ago | [YT] | 361


J2C: This is an awesome MOBO, look at all these features and such...

Everyone: "Woooh Matte Black"

1 month ago | [YT] | 470


Wow, that might be the cleanest and most informative BIOS ive ever seen lol

1 month ago | [YT] | 248

Shawn H

12:40, absolutely MSI! Drives me up the wall that I've got to sit on my phone and google stuff while looking at the BIOS.

1 month ago | [YT] | 55


Good to know what an ASRock BIOS looks like when it puts on a suit.

1 month ago | [YT] | 81


Their first N7 Z370 was build by ECS Elitegroup not EPS :) Anyway. ASRock is only "slient" in the US and the EU. They are a pretty big player in Japan. Afaik the N7 B550 is based on a B550 Taichi with some smaller changes and of course the shroud

1 month ago (edited) | [YT] | 218

Chris Jackson

Jay pulls off MB covers with fingers praying he doesn't break a nail or cut himself.

iFixit tool kit: Am I a joke to you?

1 month ago | [YT] | 51

Robotische Hilfe

4:23 I could feel physical pain at that moment

1 month ago | [YT] | 408


"so i skipped the unboxing" - proceeds to explain everything in the box

1 month ago | [YT] | 7


All that flat black surface screams for some airbrush artwork!

1 month ago | [YT] | 140


12:43 That's not even the worst. Some are just "Choose 'Enabled' to turn on. Choose 'Disabled' to turn off." which isn't even that helpful when you want to know what the feature in question does.

1 month ago | [YT] | 30


Other tech channels makes me feel like "there's that kid again trying a new toy"
BIG difference here, great infomation so easy to catch!

1 month ago | [YT] | 5

Weston Madsen

Me staring at the onboard power and reset button on a B550 board :o

1 month ago | [YT] | 16

Abrham Seyoum

“They should have done the traditional type book manual”
NZXT went with the traditional map everyone loved

1 month ago | [YT] | 11


Was excited to see a build then I realize it wasn't 😞

1 month ago | [YT] | 44

Harry Johnson

That BIOS is so damn clean that it can alone with the seal of approval 🙁

1 month ago (edited) | [YT] | 11


That quickstart guide gave me flashback to using AAA roadmaps as a teen.

1 month ago | [YT] | 28


I love the full cover, NZXT has the best designs out there, also their cases.

1 month ago | [YT] | 1

Jacob Mees

I really appreciate how clean that entire board/bios setup is. Very refreshing.

1 month ago | [YT] | 20