10 Website Designs in 1 Hour - Design Challenge

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Adrian Twarog

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Shared September 15, 2020

I challenged myself to design 10 websites in 1 hour. This will design sprint will push me to the limit of what's possible and necessary for a website design.

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:26 - Automotive Car Design
00:05:08 - Restaurant Food Design
00:12:59 - Shoe Footwear Design
00:18:43 - Fashion Clothes Design
00:25:10 - Tourism Landscape Design
00:31:00 - News Magazine Design
00:37:10 - Legal Law Firm Design
00:43:24 - TV Video Streaming Design
00:49:32 - Technology IT Design
00:55:38 - Portfolio Resume Design
01:01:57 - Summary and Conclusion

Web design tutorials aren't always easy, but they can be more fun. In this web design challenge, I push the limits on myself. Doing a 10 website design challenge is something recommended to me by Florin Pop. As a UI challenge, I get to attempt using Figma to do all sorts of websites, from an automotive website, restaurant website, shoe website, fashion website, tourism website, legal website, streaming website, news website, and even a portfolio website.

This is the most amount of things I've done in a single take, and trust me, doing 10 web designs in 1 hour is no small job.

You can see the full Figma web design UI file below:

#GraphicsDesign #DesignChallenge #10Designs1Hour

With your help, I hope this video does great, support me by hitting #like help promote it! This has been a 10 Website Designs in 1 Hour - Design Challenge

Check out @Florin Pop latest video on developing them:

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