Cooke's Tour 19: BAX Tintagel, an introduction

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Shared August 24, 2020

Memories of childhood holidays in Cornwall (as a family of 8 travelling in a Ford Anglia!) are evoked in Richard Cooke’s latest blog, which looks at Arnold Bax’s stirring work, 'Tintagel'. Inspired by the wild rocky north coast setting for King Arthur’s famous castle, Bax skilfully depicts the crashing waves and the ruined castle remains on the craggy rocks, while the lush melody in the violins recalls the legends of King Mark and Tristan & Isolde. And perhaps there is also a love theme, as Bax was involved in a passionate romance with the pianist Harriet Cohen, to whom he also dedicated the work.

Just 15 minutes long, Tintagel is the quickest way to get to the heart of Cornwall!

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Richard Cooke is Music Director of the Royal Choral Society, University of Essex Choir and Canterbury Choral Society.