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Adrian Twarog

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Shared October 17, 2020

In today's episode of Enhance UI, we are going to take a look at this portfolio design by Gustavo Goulart. He is a front end developer who is 28 years old and has given us this great website design for his own website.

Aspects to look at for improving the design for this will include:
- Header and Sizing
- Hero alignment and spacing
- Color and Contrast
- Font positioning
- Call to actions

For those people looking to learn more about User Interface Design and User Experience, understanding the basics of graphics design like this will help you improve your next web site or app.

One thing know for ui and ux is that it's important to know the audience that the website is intended. If your audience for this is someone who is recruiting developers in front-end, then cater the content, its call to action and positioning of the HTML, CSS and JS content around that.

This is part of a series where we look at developers websites and give quick recommendations on improvements.

You can find the playlist here:

Figma UI Design:

Gustavo Twitter:

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