I Survived 100 Days on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest

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Shared April 4, 2021

I was thinking the other day...
"Is it actually possible to beat Minecraft Bedrock Edition on a Flat World with only using the Bonus Chest with some slight modifications to it?"

This my dudes, is just that!

I have recorded all of my time in this world, as you probz know that Minecraft can be very random at times so I didn't want to miss a thing!

I have chopped up all the footage to share my experience with you & I also came up with some great strategies & farm ideas along the way too which may help you if you decide to follow along.

As mentioned in the video here is a download link of my flat world setup if you would like to give it a go for yourself!

So far, I have survived for 100 days but I would really like to continue this challenge idea on & maybe even fight the ender dragon somehow but, tbh I haven't thought how or even if I could fight her yet?!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video, I've never really ever created a huge project/video like this one before.

Thanks very much for watching & I'm sorry it's quite a long video...

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