I Married Dream...

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Shared December 6, 2020

I Married Dream... The video that has been in the making for 2 months, is finally here. I marry Dream, but things go wrong... I hope you enjoy!
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Friends that you should DEFINITELY check out:
@Jeracraft (built the map, check him out)
@Wilbur Soot
@Niki Nihachu

Toad's Factory - Mario Kart Wii
Main Theme - Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.mp3
Here Comes the Bride (Piano).mp3

So I married dream. In this video I got together with my friends Wilbursoot, TommyInnit, Sneegsnag, Ranboo, Jeracraft, Georgenotfound / George, Sapnap, Eret, HBomb, Nihachu / Niki, to attend to my wedding with Dream. This was a lot of fun and a blast to record. Thanks everyone for joining me, and thanks for watching!

#Fundy #Minecraft