Adding fractions | Americans testing their knowledge (41)

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Shared October 15, 2020

Adding fractions | Americans testing their knowledge (41)
Easy common knowledge questions that everybody should answer.
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1. What three bodies of water border Canada?
2. What year did the WWI start?
3. What is the largest planet in our Solar System?
4. In the late 18th century what did Catherine the Great designate as the official language of her court and the Russian aristocracy?
5. Who is the president of the u.s senate?
6. What is the ocean of the coast of Georgia?
7. In the Sun's core hydrogen atoms fuse together to form what other element: oxygen, carbon, helium or manganese?
8. What California city was founded in 1776 when colonists from Spain built a military outpost called The Presidio?
9. 54 x 23=? Solve this using the area model method.
10. A mile is equal to how many kilometers, rounded out to the nearest tenth?
11. The Spanish-American war was fought during what year?
12. What is: (1/3) + (1/2) ?
13. Three subspecies of this endangered cat are already extinct. This magnificent creature is the largest in the cat family.
14. The Olympic torch cross-country relay was invented by the Nazis as a way to link the ancient Greeks with the Aryan race. It began with the Berlin Olympics in what year?
15. What is the closest planet to earth?
16. Dan left downtown New York City three hours later. Benny left going 79 miles an hour faster to catch up. After two hours, Benny caught up. What was Dan's average speed?
17. Name the Ohio city that is known as the rubber capital of the world?
18. A plane set off to London at the speed of 265 miles an hour. On the return flight of 13 hours the plane cruised at 298 miles an hour. How long was that flight to London?
19. What is a group of lions called?
20. What is a simple predicate in the following sentence: Taylor body slammed her opponent. Is it “body slammed”, is it “Taylor” is it “opponent”?
21. By definition, a prism is a solid figure that has how many congruent bases?

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