Solving a Crossword puzzle with 500 People

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Shared December 2, 2020

via Evan Birnholz at the Washington Post- "Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Leah Bee and a group of young gamers were solving my “Four of a Kind” puzzle on Twitch. I was alerted to the stream on Twitter while they were still solving. So, I tuned in, and within a few minutes I was already cracking up listening to their commentary. I even jumped into the chat section at around the 1:01:01 mark, and shortly thereafter, hundreds of users flooded the comment section to say that I was there. Someone in the chat went so far as to make a picture of me as a Smurf — the thought of which is horrifying enough that you must all see it. As I found out, though, *never* misspell the word “Wookiees” in your crossword blog post unless you want a whole legion of gamers dunking on you. But it was all in good fun. I had a good time watching them solve and I give them credit for sticking it out to the end to finish the puzzle."
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