Hiya! I'm Aidan, or MCB. I make videos about Minecraft history; from rare usernames and capes, to large and interesting servers, to popular and influential Youtubers, I try to cover everything to the best of my ability, sometimes bringing on a few friends and fellow creators to help me out. Enjoy!

Q: What does your username mean?
A: MinecraftBossYoutuber (my old MCPE name).

Q: Do you accept sponsorships/donations?
A: Rarely. For sponsorships, if I support and play the game/server or use the product that's sponsoring me, I'll consider it. For donations, I don't feel like they're necessary at the moment for me to make good content (although they are enabled in the form of Twitch subs/bits, which I can't disable). Maybe in the future, though!