Hurricane Ida is now a strong category 4 storm with 150mph winds and landfall in Louisiana is eminent. Now, I'm in the northern part of state but this storm will still be a tropical storm (or possibly still a cat 1 hurricane) even when it reaches me. A very similar storm hit Louisiana last year around this time (Hurricane Laura). It caused mass power outages to almost the entire state. My entire parish (county for you non-Louisiana folks) was out of power for a week. And in August, it was/is hot! That was the worst week of my life. Hopefully, I'm not about to relive that.

BUT...if after today's Patrons Live Stream, the channel goes dark for a few days, then it likely means that I'm sitting in the dark without power. I'll keep you guys informed when I can. I still have a case of MREs that the National Guard gave during last year's storm. And I'll stock up on beer. :D

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I wonder how many people get on this bus and then can't figure out how to exit.

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The only thing I need to know from Valve is: will the Steam Deck run Doom (Emacs)? M-x tetris would be amazing on this device!

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When I go to a friend of family member's house and I see the Amazon Echo, the Google Hub, the Apple HomePod...I can't help but wonder what past generations would think.

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This gimped photo needs a caption. :D

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I wonder how the good folks at Deepin feel about this. (Windows 11)

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I hope everyone is doing great! I know I haven't been around much, at least online on things like GitLab and Mastodon and such. I've been trying to get the new office setup. I'd like to be able to start recording there as soon as next week. Spent all day yesterday working on creating acoustic panels. Spent this afternoon hanging the panels.

Professional-grade panels are expensive. I'd probably have to spend $500 -$1000 to treat the office. But I decided some foam poster boards and cheap black foam panels would do (around $100). While they aren't works of art, I am pleasantly surprised how they turned out.

Fullsize images: https://imgur.com/a/lO6phbi

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So during Elon's appearance on Saturday Night Live, meme coin crashed hard. Me being a glass-half-full kinda guy...well, I saw this dip as another buying opportunity before this thing explodes to $1+.

PS. I'm also not liking how LBC is also trending down. I thought crypto prices only went up.

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Bought $2,500 worth of meme coin at 0.35. This thing just spiked to 0.67. The sensible me says cash out and enjoy doubling your money. The degenerate gambler me says ride this to $1 as people jump on the bandwagon in advance of Elon appearing on Saturday Night Live.

P.S. This is not investment advice. My investment plays typically end with me crying in the fetal position. :D

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Hey, guys. I've been sick the last few days so I haven't been able to record any new content for you guys since Friday. Although my voice isn't quite back at 100%, I do feel a bit better today. I have the strength to sit at my computer so I thought I would do some gaming. So naturally, I fired up Emacs.

P.S. Maybe I should do a "Gaming On Emacs" live stream at some point. There are a surprising number of games builtin to Emacs. And many more available for download.

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