You're Not an RPG Guy: A Scott The Woz Christmas - Scott The Woz

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Scott The Woz

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Shared December 23, 2020

Scott's wrong. Happy Holidays!


Dunkey (​)

Animation by
Emily Wolver (​)
Adie Valavanis (​)
Gus J. Agosto (​)
Salvador Sánchez Del Real (​)
Amie Sanchez (​)
HorrorFreak (​)
SugarCub (​)
Marie Lum (​)
Emily Martinez (​)
Leah DeJohn (​)
MsCapzy (​)
Jan Kucharzewski (​)
SmashToons (​)
Juliana Nascimento (​)
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Jack Muino (​)
$uprdee2 (​)
Annelise Steffensen (​)
Julia Quandt (​)
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GeorgeGW (​)
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BlueBandanaJake (​)
Parker O'Donnell (​)
SpiderKnife (​)

Logo Design by
Nico Vliek (​)

Original Music by
Nicholas Karr (​)
Garrett Williamson (​)
Tee Lopes (​)

Opening Credits Theme Full Credits
Music by Nicholas Karr
Piano by Oliver Glynn
Trumpet by Nicolas Pressley and Tyler Pfedderer
Saxophone by Quincy Chapman and Nicholas Karr

“Why Don’t You Play Them?” Full Credits
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Lyrics by Scott Wozniak
Bass Programming and Keys by Garrett Williamson
Guitars by Chase Akers
Drums by Scott Williamson
Saxophone by Mark Douthit
Female Vocals by Emma Rose Williamson
Male Vocals by Zach Frazier and Garrett Williamson
Extra Crowd Vocals by Tracie Williamson

Music Used:
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